Al Scholz ~ Author. Consultant. Keynote Speaker.


Al Scholz has been active in Saskatchewan's agriculture and food industry for 25 years as a management consultant, business owner, community leader, author and a popular speaker at conferences, seminars and training sessions.

As a keynote speaker, Al offers a unique story-telling approach to sharing the challenges and opportunities of doing business in today's rapidly changing global economy. He draws on his wealth of knowledge from hundreds of interviews with successful rural business owners about managing change and adding value to products and services. He incorporates case studies and success stories from his books to illustrate practical strategies for improving business effectiveness and personal well-being.

Al Scholz PAg, CAC (President)
531 Candle Way
Saskatoon, SK
Canada S7K 5A9

Cell: 306.221.0248
Tel: 306.934.5146
Fax: 306.242.9704


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